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Correct use steps of packing machine

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A packing machine is a relatively common packaging machine, which provides convenience for our production and life. So what is the correct use procedure for packing machines? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

  • Packing machine boot

  • Packing machine shutdown

  • Packing machine temporary shutdown and emergency shutdown

  • Operator's attention

Packing machine boot

Before starting the packing machine, remove obstacles and personnel that affect safe operation around the equipment, and check whether the speed control knob is in the "zero" position. The starting sequence of the whole set of Packing machine equipment is vibrating screen----(feeding system)---(conveyor belt)---bag cleaning machine---shunting machine---bag unloading machine---packing machine---feeder. Adjust the speed control Packing machine knob clockwise, and gradually accelerate to the working speed, generally 3-5r/min. If there is no abnormality, the Packing machine can be inserted into the bag.

Packing machine shutdown

First, stop the Packing machine feeding, and then stop the Packing machine in the following order: Feeder --- (Empty the material in the rotating drum) --- Packing machine --- Unloading machine---Shunting machine---Cleaning Bag machine --- vibrating screen. Then clean and repair Packing machine equipment.

Packing machine temporary shutdown and emergency shutdown

Temporary shutdown of Packing machine: If the Packing machine needs to be temporarily shut down, you can turn the speed button back to the "zero" position to stop the Packing machine and press the rotation stop button at the same time.

Packing machine emergency stop: When an accident is discovered, emergency measures should be taken to stop the Packing machine. Press the emergency stop button. At this time, all equipment except the vibrating screen will stop working. After the Packing machine stops, turn the speed control knob back to "zero".

Operator's attention

Before working, check the Packing machine's condition first, and check that there are obstacles and other personnel within the safe operating range of the equipment. The operators must be safety-conscious and trained to work. When the packing machine is inserted into the bag, the operator should stay away from the equipment as much as possible. The sleeves of the work clothes and the clothing report should be tied to prevent the packing machine from being scratched. The personnel should not approach the packing machine. If it is necessary to approach, the power supply of the rotating motor of the packing machine should be cut off. The power supply should be cut off when the Packing machine is overhauled. If a live inspection is required, a warning sign or special supervision should be hung up. Do not touch the packaging bag during the working process of the packing machine, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy. When repairing Packing machine equipment, it should be operated by professionals, and the Packing machine should be restored according to the technical requirements. After the Packing machine is used, it should be cleaned and inspected. Pay attention to the sealing of the distribution box, the completeness of each component, and whether each screw is loose. Whether the gap has changed.

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