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How to avoid Labeling machine labeling in the warpage phenomenon?

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Labeling machines are designed to achieve better visual effects in labeling. One of them is to avoid the warping phenomenon in Labeling machine labeling. Labeling before the tube is filled, and then filled and sealed after the labeling process, and the heating in the sealing process of the label is particularly severe, the closer the Labeling machine label to the bottom, the greater the possibility of warping. So how to avoid Labeling machine labeling in the warpage phenomenon? Let's take a look at it next.

This is the content list:

  • Increase the viscosity of Labeling machine labels and make the labels stick firmly as possible

  • Try to use soft Labeling machine label material, change the shape of the label

  • Eliminate the influence of static electricity of Labeling machine

Increase the viscosity of Labeling machine labels and make the labels stick as firmly as possible

Improve the quality of the surface of the Labeling machine tube to be applied. Most of the product surface over the varnish will increase the difficulty of labeling, the contents of the seepage, the wall of the tube microporous, etc. will cause the label to buckle, how to avoid such problems, should be a more important issue to consider. The Labeling machine controls the labeling pressure during the labeling process and the temperature during the labeling process. Increase the Labeling machine labeling temperature, will improve the labeling effect because, with the increase in temperature, the object internal material activity will increase, Labeling machine label is easier to integrate with the tube body.

Try to use soft Labeling machine labeling material, change the shape of the label

Good Labeling machine label ductility will also have a great improvement on the warped label. Make the bottom end of the Labeling machine label curved to avoid the deformation area of the end. Of course, the arc should not be too deep, otherwise, the Labeling machine label itself may cause wrinkles, adding unnecessary trouble. For shaped end requires the Labeling machine label shape to be changed accordingly, so that not only can avoid warped labels can also increase the aesthetic.

Eliminate the impact of static electricity Labeling machine

The Labeling machine labeling process is easy to generate static electricity, which will have an impact on the Labeling machine labeling effect, appropriate to improve the Labeling machine labeling site humidity, there will be some improvement, the use of ion fans is also an effective solution. It is possible to control the cleanliness inside the machine individually to keep the Labeling machine away from dust and improve the labeling quality of Labeling machine products. This makes the labeling process no longer have the phenomenon of the warped label, to achieve visual effects.

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