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What are the points to pay attention to when purchasing sticker labeling machine

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In the process of labeling, the sticker labeling machine must go through intermediate transition links such as gluing, labeling, and labeling. In this way, in the process, some small grooves should be opened on the back of the glue-coated board. The label paper is not glued at the notch. The label paper will also wrinkle due to uneven expansion and contraction due to uneven water absorption. If the label is too thick or the glue viscosity is not good, the label will not be firmly attached to the bottle, and the edge will be warped. To deal with this problem, most companies use manual wrapping instead of labeling machines, but this method is time-consuming and inefficient. The sticker labeling machine has the advantages of cleanliness, sanitation, no mold, beautiful appearance, firmness after labeling, and high production efficiency. Thanks to the active promotion and strong cooperation of all aspects of the society, the production departments of packaging materials, packaging and printing, packaging equipment and corresponding scientific research, design, information, education, art, management, and other organizations have been gradually established, and then an independent and complete packaging industry system has been formed, and it occupies an important position in the entire national economy. Such a market has created an environment for the rapid development of self-adhesive labeling machines. What should I pay attention to when buying a sticker labeling machine? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

  • Know your professional characteristics

  • Test and evaluate sticker labeling machine

  • Recognize the needs of their production

Know your professional characteristics

What special requirements does the profession have for sticker labeling machine equipment? For flammable and explosive occupations such as petrochemicals, they attach great importance to the production safety of sticker labeling machines and require sticker labeling machines to take safety measures such as anti-static and explosion-proof. Therefore, priority should be given to sticker labeling machines that belong to the profession.

Test and evaluate sticker labeling machine

For customers who use sticker labeling machines for the first time, because they are relatively unfamiliar with the function and application of sticker labeling machine, they should send the samples and samples that need labeling to the sticker labeling machine manufacturer for evaluation and testing to reduce the feasibility of purchasing the machine.

Recognize the needs of their production

Including the standard quantity of the product variety, the output value and production power of the product, labeling requirements, location requirements or whether to connect to the production line requirements, etc. The sticker labeling machine store has a variety of price gradient products, such as multi-function labeling machines, functional simple labeling machines, high-speed high-precision labeling machines with high functions, and so on. Some customers often fall into a misunderstanding and require the sticker labeling machine to be powerful and comprehensive.

The sticker labeling machine is an automatic packaging machine that uses self-adhesive labels. In the process of supporting automatic bottle feeding, the roll labels are continuously torn off and attached to the bottle body according to the required position. The sticker labeling machine is a modern mechatronics machine. The equipment product has stable and reliable working performance. The sticker labeling machine is often used for round plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc., or similar objects in the food, beverage, wine, health food, medicine, daily chemical industries, etc. Flat single-post labeling, corner marking, as well as the realization of circular bottle circumferential positioning single-sheet, double-posting, and covering functions. The sticker labeling machine has the advantages of high attaching efficiency, strong adhesion, accurate location, good quality, and high stability.

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