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How to set up the Labeling Machine?

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No matter which type of Labeling Machine, the labeling process of the Labeling Machine is roughly similar, what is different is that the Labeling Machine has different installation positions of labeling devices, different conveying methods of labeling objects, different positioning methods, and different forms of labeling roller. When Labeling Machine works Must be strictly by the process to operate the conveyor belt process, if there are errors in the middle, to repair or adjust promptly, is the correct operation process, which requires the operator to have a certain understanding of Labeling Machine, a brief explanation of the Labeling Machine operation process and adjustment methods. So how to debug the Labeling Machine? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

  • Loosen the fixing screws on the Labeling Machine reel

  • Labeling Machine requirements for putting on labeling paper tape

  • Labeling Machine test labeling

Loosen the fixing screws on the Labeling Machine reel

Remove the Plexiglas disk of the Labeling Machine and adjust the position of the rear disk of the Labeling Machine so that the position of the rear disk of the Labeling Machine can meet the position of the paper reel at the centerline of the paper tape. After fixing the screws, install the Labeling Machine paper tray and the Plexiglas front tray, then fix the screws and check whether the rotation of the Labeling Machine reel tray is flexible, if not, please follow the above steps for further adjustment until it becomes flexible.

Requirements for Labeling Machine to wear labeling paper tape

First check if all rollers on the Labeling Machine labeling paper route are flexible, if not, they must be adjusted to a flexible state, the method of wearing the tape according to the direction of the red line on the view, pay special attention to the Labeling Machine labeling paper tape to pass through the photoelectric sensor to ensure the normal operation of the photoelectric transmitter.

Labeling Machine test labeling

Put the bottles on the conveyor belt, adjust the bottle stopper lever on the left and right of the Labeling Machine, close to the labeling device, adjust the distance between the upper and lower front and rear of the Labeling Machine, press each motor switch button, then, start two groups of photoelectric switch buttons, first put a few bottles for test labeling, and check whether the Labeling Machine labeling effect If the Labeling Machine has no problem, it will show that the debugging is finished and the normal labeling work can be carried out.

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