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Operating procedures of Sealing Machine

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A Sealing Machine refers to the machine that seals the container after the packaging container contains the product. There are many materials used to make packaging containers, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metals, composite materials, etc. The shape and physical properties of packaging containers are also different. Next, let's take a look at the operating procedures of the Sealing Machine. Here are some answers.

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Sealing Machine process operation method.

Precautions and daily maintenance during the operation of the Sealing Machine.

Sealing Machine process operation method.

First, when the Sealing Machine presses the "ON" button, the power indicator light and "COOLER" (cooling indicator light) light up, and the warning light flashes. Second, press the "Start" button, the warning light is off, the "START" indicator light is on, and the power is set to the preset value. Third, turn on the power of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt runs, and adjust the speed knob to the appropriate position. Fourth, push into the container to be sealed and start normal operations. Fifth, if an overcurrent occurs during the operation of the Sealing Machine, the "FAULT" (overcurrent indicator) light on the control panel will be on and the warning light will flash. Press the "START" button again. Sixth, when the work is over, press the "STOP" button. Press the "OFF" key, Sealing Machine is closed and exits the standby state.

Precautions and daily maintenance during the operation of the Sealing Machine.

First, Sealing Machine uses a 220V single-phase three-wire power supply, and the grounding must be reliable, otherwise, it will affect personal safety. Second, the metal parts should not be close to the sensor head. Maintenance should follow the operating sequence. Professionals should be fixed for maintenance. Third, check the cooling water level frequently, check it once a week when it is used frequently, and add cooling water. It is best to use non-conductive cooling water. Fourth, check the pipeline frequently, and the joints must not leak or seep. To prevent the pipeline from freezing due to low temperature, antifreeze should be injected into the water tank.

Fifth, the case is not allowed to be opened after the machine is turned on, and the main power supply must be cut off during inspection and maintenance. Sixth, the Sealing Machine is designed with an overload and overheat protection system. When the temperature of the heat sink exceeds 70 degrees, the high voltage will be cut off, and the warning light will flash: when the load is too large (that is, the heated bottle cap is too large or arranged close or too close to the sensor head), it can also cause an instantaneous overload of the sealing machine high voltage current. Be protected. This is a normal phenomenon and can be restarted by pressing the "START" key again.

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