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Purchase and fault maintenance of Pillow Packing Machine

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Pillow Packing Machine is high-tech packaging equipment. Pillow Packing Machine has the characteristics of advanced design, stable and reliable performance, power-saving and high efficiency, good shrinkage effect, novel and beautiful structure, and convenient operation and maintenance. Next, let's take a look at the purchase and troubleshooting of the Pillow Packing Machine. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • How to choose the right Pillow Packing Machine for you?

  • Failure maintenance of Pillow Packing Machine.

How to choose the right Pillow Packing Machine for you?

Packing speed

The packing speed is an important factor that customers need to consider when choosing a machine. When the customer determines the expected output, it also determines the speed of the Pillow Packing Machine. Customers are mainly based on production capacity. The packaging method of the current packaging machines on the market determines the packaging speed. As an example, the packaging speed of the mutual packaging machine is comparatively slow, and therefore the rotary packaging machine is comparatively quick. The packaging speed is also different according to the size of the product.

Operation and safety

Pillow Packing Machine also requires operators to adjust and install, including some necessary settings and adjustments to the machine when packing different materials. The easier and simpler these tasks are, the better, which not only saves time but also does not require special training for operators, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

Adaptability to the environment

Due to the different packaging materials, the operating environment of Pillow Packing Machine is also different. When selecting equipment, the production environment should be taken into account at the same time as the purchased technical parameters to prevent Pillow Packing Machine from failing to meet the packaging requirements required by customers.

Failure maintenance of Pillow Packing Machine.

First, the solid-state circuit breaker burns out, the temperature control meter is damaged, and the temperature meter cannot control the temperature when the thermocouple is damaged. The repair methodology is to exchange the electrical couple, replace the temperature management meter, and replace the element. Second, the knife holder of the Pillow Packing Machine is too high or too low, the packaging speed is too fast, and the push rod is not synchronized with the cutting knife, the cutting knife will cut on the product. The method of maintenance is to reduce the packaging speed, adjust the height of the end sealing part, and make the sealing knife center. Third, the air pressure is wrong, the cylinder swing rod is loose, the heating temperature is low, and the heat pressure roller and the transmission roller are not parallel, there will be poor heat sealing. The repair method is to adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and air pressure to make it tight. And it should be noted that the induction aviation plug must be inserted before the power is turned on, and the screws must be tightened. Metal lids and metal containers cannot be used, nor can they be placed on a metal table to press the start button, otherwise the Pillow Packing Machine will be damaged.

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