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Packing machine working principle and application field

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A packing machine is a kind of automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment in China. It is heated by a quartz far-infrared tube, which saves electricity (more than 15% of electricity). The shrinking temperature of the packing machine and the motor transmission speed are stable and adjustable, and the packing machine has a wide adjustment range. The packing machine drum rotating device can work continuously. Therefore, the Packing machine has the characteristics of advanced design, stable and reliable performance, power saving, good shrinkage effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. The Packing machine can be applied to shrink packaging of any shrink film. So what are the working principles and application fields of the packaging machine? Let's take a look together below.

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  • Working principle of packing machine

  • Packing machine structure characteristics

Working principle of packing machine

A packing machine is a continuous packaging machine with a strong packaging capacity. The packing machine is suitable for food and non-food packaging of various specifications. The Packing machine can be used for both unbranded packaging materials and high-speed packaging of roll-shaped materials with pre-printed trademark patterns. In the packaging production of the Packing machine, due to the error between the positioning color marks printed on the packaging material, the stretching of the packaging material of the Packing machine and the mechanical transmission, the material of the predetermined sealing and cutting position on the packaging may deviate from the correct Location. To eliminate the error of the Packing machine and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and cutting, the packaging design of the Packing machine must consider the problem of automatic positioning. The solution to this Packing machine problem is mostly to complete the design of the continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system based on the positioning marks of the packing material of the Packing machine. The packing machine continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into forward and retreat type, brake type, and two-transmission system synchronous type according to the error compensation working mode.


Packing machine structure characteristics

1. The packing machine is controlled by dual inverters, the bag length is set and cut immediately, no need to adjust the empty running, one step is in place, saving time and film.

2. Packing machine text type man-machine interface, the parameter setting is convenient and quick.

3. Packing machine has a fault self-diagnosis function, so the fault display of the Packing machine is clear at a glance.

4. Packing machine high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

5. The temperature of the packing machine is independently controlled by PID, which is better suitable for various material coatings.

6. Packing machine positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of film.

7. Packing machine transmission system is simple, work is more reliable, Packing machine maintenance is more convenient.

8. All control of the Packing machine is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade, which is backward.

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