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The causes and scope of application of Labeling Machine in case of accuracy error

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When the Labeling Machine has poor accuracy, what should we do to adjust it to avoid large errors? To make sure that our Labeling Machine can beautifully apply the products. Therefore, we must check the following aspects when a fault occurs. So what are the reasons and the scope of application of the Labeling Machine in case of accuracy errors? Let's take a look at it together next.

This is the content list:

  • Reasons for accuracy errors in Labeling Machine

  • Scope of application of Labeling Machine

Reasons for accuracy errors in Labeling Machine

1.Labeling Machine mechanical reasons
Labeling Machine mechanical reasons are divided into static and dynamic two, Labeling Machine static reasons for the head shaking, the solution is to fasten the head and adjust the Labeling Machine fixed seat, to achieve a fixed head, to avoid shaking. Labeling Machine dynamic specific reasons for Labeling Machine products shaking on the conveyor, the solution is to reduce the guiding gap to avoid Labeling Machine products shaking on the conveyor, Labeling Machine labeling and product speed matching, the solution is to adjust the Labeling Machine traction frequency or conveyor speed so that The solution: adjust the Labeling Machine traction frequency or conveying speed so that the Labeling Machine product reaches the labeling position just when the label comes out.

2.Electrical reasons
Labeling Machine electrical reasons include detection and power two, detection of specific reasons are Labeling Machine stopwatch inaccurate, the solution is to reset the Labeling Machine measuring eye, so that the Labeling Machine after the product labeling stop out of the label, and then the Labeling The solution is to adjust the Labeling Machine's measurement eye and amplifier to accurately detect the Labeling Machine with labeled products and accurately issue labels. the normal operation of the Labeling Machine.

3.Product reasons

Labeling Machine product causes are label and product two, Labeling Machine label problems are common label spacing is not up to standard, the solution is to choose the label spacing up to standard for labeling. The solution is to check and adjust the accuracy of the Labeling Machine product size to ensure that the label is attached to the fixed position of the product when labeling.

Scope of application of Labeling Machine

A Labeling Machine is an equipment that pastes rolls of self-adhesive paper labels (paper or metal foil) onto PCBs, products, or prescribed packaging. Labeling Machine is the equipment commonly used in modern packaging.

Labeling Machine use is to achieve automatic paste to the label, on the circumference of the product, automatic labeling function.

Labeling Machine is used to improve the efficiency of Labeling Machine product labeling, accurate labeling position, good quality, high stability. Labeling Machine to avoid manual labeling inefficiency, skewed attachment, uneven thickness of glue and wrinkles, and a series of problems, effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce labeling labor costs. Labeling Machine improves the beauty of product identification and enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of products.

Scope of application: suitable for any industrial production including bottles, bags, plastic, and other materials packaging.

Applicable labels: Paper labels (need to be paste).

Applicable products: Products that require paste labels to be attached to the circumference.

Application industry: Widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, wine, and other industries.

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