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What are the labeling methods of Labeling Machine

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Labeling machines are playing an increasingly important role in the packaging industry. There are many types of Labeling machines in the market, but they are inseparable. So what are the labeling methods of the Labeling machine, including friction, blow molding, and suction? Let's take a look next.

This is the content list:

  • The working principle of the Labeling machine's friction method

  • The working principle of the Labeling machine suction method

  • How Labeling machine blowing method works

The working principle of the Labeling machine's friction method

When the front end of the Labeling machine label is attached to the product, the product immediately removes the label. The advantage of this method is that Labeling machine labeling is fast and labeling accuracy depends on the speed of the product passing through the Labeling machine and the speed of label distribution. If the two speeds are the same, the labeling accuracy is high. Otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of the Labeling machine.

The working principle of the Labeling machine suction method

When the Labeling machine's label sheet leaves the conveyor, it is sucked onto a vacuum pad attached to the end of the mechanical equipment. As the Labeling machine extends until the label comes into contact with the product, it shrinks back and attaches the label to the product. The advantage of this method is that the Labeling machine is highly accurate and suitable for the labeling process of difficult-to-package products.

How the Labeling machine blowing method works

The Labeling machine is an improvement on the suction method, but the Labeling machine blow method differs in that the surface of the vacuum pad remains stationary and the label is fixed and positioned on the "vacuum grid". The "vacuum grid" is a flat surface with hundreds of small holes on it. The holes are used to maintain the formation of "air jets". From these "air jets," a stream of compressed air is blown at a very high pressure, which allows the label to move on the vacuum grid and allows it to be attached to the product. The advantage of this method is the higher accuracy and reliability of the Labeling machine.

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