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The structure, cleaning, and maintenance of Sealing Machine

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A Sealing Machine is suitable for operations where the site is narrow or requires frequent movement of the site. The Sealing Machine is easy to operate, just press the vacuum chamber cover, and then press the set program to complete the vacuum. After vacuum packaging, the product has good anti-oxidation, anti-mildew, anti-moth, and moisture-proof effects, thereby prolonging the storage period of the product. The vacuum chamber uses transparent organic glass to monitor the entire vacuuming process. Next, let's take a look at the structure, cleaning, and maintenance of the Sealing Machine. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The structure of the Sealing Machine.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of Sealing Machine.

The structure of the Sealing Machine.

Generally, the Sealing Machine consists of a frame, a decelerating and speed-regulating mechanism, a waterproofing and printing mechanism, a transference device, associated with an electrical and electronic system. The Sealing Machine is steam-powered on and also the varied mechanisms begin to figure. When the electrical constituent is energized, it heats up, so the higher and lower heating blocks area unit het up sharply, and also the temperature is adjusted to the specified temperature through the temperature system. The embossing wheel rotates, the cooling system starts to cool as required, and the conveyor belt rotates and is adjusted to the required speed by the speed regulating device. Once the package containing the things is placed on the conveyor, the waterproofing part of the bag is mechanically sent between the 2 waterproofing belts operating and brought into the heating zone. The warmth of the warming block is transferred to the waterproofing part of the bag through the waterproofing belt so the film is unfrozen and softened by the heat then passes through the cooling zone to fittingly lower the surface temperature of the film. Then it's rolled by the knurling wheel (or printing wheel) to bond the higher and lower plastic films of the waterproofing half and press to create a web pattern (or written logo). Then the sealed packaging bag is shipped out of the machine by the guiding rubber belt and also the conveyer. In addition, complete the sealing operation.

Cleaning and maintenance of Sealing Machine.

First, regularly clean the surface of the Sealing Machine, the bottom plate and the lower mold slide plate, groove, the upper mold inner pressure plate, and the positioning rod. Second, grease should be added to the transmission parts of the lower mold slide plate, pressing rod bearing, eccentric wheel, guidepost, and guide rail regularly to ensure the performance of the Sealing Machine. Third, the method of cleaning the tooth knife is to plug the two drain holes of the lower mold with a cotton ball, pour boiling water into the groove of the lower mold until it is full, and then push the slide plate of the lower mold in place to lower the upper mold. Press to all-time low purpose, let the toothed knife soak for several minutes till it's clean, repeat many times.

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